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Hot, Hot, Hot. Also: Gay Pride Tomorrow, and Women find Women Arousing! June 21, 2008

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It is way too damned hot here, and I do NOT say that lightly. I like the heat. But over 90 when it’s not even July yet? Looks like we’re in for a long, hot, dry summer.


On a brighter note, Gay Pride is tomorrow! I’m going with my best friend, Siris (blogname, not real name) and his roommate and her friend. I’m driving, which means *yipe* I  have to find PARKING downtown during Pridefest. Thank goodness Siris, though visually impaired, is great at finding parking. I hope he knows I can’t parallel park.


Funny story about that: I learned to drive in three days, when a series of catastrophes forced me to face my fear of operating an automobile. So, with the exception of a few lessons when I was 14, all the experience I had when I passed my test for my license was three days of white knuckles and the “Scream” face behind the wheel of a borrowed car. Speaks volumes about the United States’ process of driver testing, right?


Anyway, Pride Fest should be a blast. I want to watch the parade and then shop for buttons. Oooh, buttons! I need a new “Focus on Your Own Damn Family!” button. I can’t believe I forgot my “I’m Straight But It  Might Be Just a Phase” one yesterday. I was house sitting for my parents, and left it at their house– in fact, I left my whole collection… all of three buttons I haven’t managed to break since last year. Woe is me, I will be buttonless as I watch the parade! Oh, well, I’ll make up for it with lots of stickers.


As long as we’re on the subject, apparently all women find naked women more arousing than naked men. I look at the study with some suspicion, since it was done to make a documentary, and finding that straight women like men and lesbians like women wouldn’t have made much of a documentary. However, it does make sense. For starters, the sexualization of the female body in advertising, television, and popular culture in general, is much more pronounced than the sexualization of the male body. Secondly, the female role models with ideal bodies introduced to children at an early age have ideal bodies to be beautiful, while male role models with ideal bodies have those bodies to play sports, and their sporting accomplishment is emphasized over their shape.


But I wonder– has anyone done a similar study with men and videos of sports players? Maybe nude football?


Anyway, anyone else doing fun stuff this weekend? I’ll try to remember the camera and bring back some pics of the festivities.


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