Marquis de Saydrah

Because I’ve moved from thinking, “I’ve GOT to blog that!” to doing it.

Heartwarming. June 25, 2008

Obama sign by wheelchair ramp.

Description: A Barack Obama for President campaign sign is planted in a neatly mowed suburban lawn, next to a wheelchair ramp. There’s a young tree in the foreground, and in the background are several brightly colored pinwheels and a “beware of dog” sign.


There are little things that warm my heart, and among them is this house, with its beautifully crafted ramp, its Obama sign, and the whimsical collection of pinwheels.


2 Responses to “Heartwarming.”

  1. handsomesmitty Says:


  2. saydrah Says:


    While I don’t pre-moderate comments and I respect everyone’s right to express a differing opinion from mine, I’ve removed the link to your Cafepress shop from your comment.

    I don’t mind engaging in a dialogue about politics on this blog or in comments, but I do mind my blog being used as free advertising, particularly for products with a racist slant. Thanks for stopping by, and if you’d like to discuss my post further, please respect my wishes in regards to links.


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