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The Drama Llama Rears its Ugly Head July 11, 2008

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Drama Llama followed me home? Uh-oh!

Drama Llama followed me home? Uh-oh!


It seems that the Drama Llama has decided to pay me a visit. I did not invite this houseguest, nor did I give it permission to spit on my couch cushions and eat all my bagged salad. Nonetheless, it seems to have made itself very comfortable, so I suppose I had best just work around it for the time being.


I belong to a small group that was, in years past, a successful club made up of people whose views were aligned fairly similarly and who worked together well. From what I’m told, I came on board as those years were coming to an end. For the past year or so, the club has been successful but plagued by disagreements; in the last couple of days, it seems to have fallen apart completely. The two members remaining from the group that founded the club have resigned their board positions. I think I will resign my own board position, too, and go back to participating informally in this particular hobby until and unless another club forms that resembles the way this club was in its first years.


It’s always sad when drama causes the end of a good thing. I often get to see, through my job and volunteer work, people at their best. I meet people who are active and involved in their community, advocating for issues that matter to them. I meet people who save abused animals and rehabilitate them. That just makes it more shocking when I see people at their worst. Like the person I thought I knew who sent an email to a woman who has been dealing with a major family crisis telling her, “Don’t expect any respect from me.” Or the person who I considered a friend who was contacting my other friends in the club and telling them not to trust me and that I have no moral fiber.


I hate it when things fall apart like this. It’s bad enough that all good things have to come to an end eventually, but do they have to leave so many hard feelings behind when they do? I had a feeling the club’s days were numbered, but I wish I could have taken most of my friendships away from it, not just the few that have survived the sudden explosion.


Drama Llama, please go away soon!


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