Marquis de Saydrah

Because I’ve moved from thinking, “I’ve GOT to blog that!” to doing it.

About the Blog (FAQ) June 18, 2008

And who might YOU be, Missy?

I’m a Coloradoan, an animal lover, an active young Democrat, and I work for That’s the Cliff Notes. Want more? Read the blog, or the other FAQ, which talks specifically about disability and the posts about disability rights here.

Why so many blogs?

Yes, three links in my blogroll are to my own blogs. What can I say? I like to blog, and, sometimes, I even get paid for it.

So what’s this one about?

My life. You’ll notice all my other blogs have themes– pets, rats, disability issues, etc. This one is a place for all the things that make me think, “I should so blog this!” This blog is for me first, and readers second, but I appreciate anyone who reads and comments, and I’ll reply to all comments.

What’s with the name?

The Marquis bit is just a play on words. My nick, Saydrah, is a misspelled Arabic word. I used to volunteer for a horse rescue, and one horse taken in by the rescue had a brand reading “Fadirah” on her neck. It was originally misread as “Saydrah,” and that became her name. She has since passed on, but I borrowed her name. I’ve been told it also means “firepool” in some language or other.

What’s your comment policy?


No, really, I love comments. I reply to all of them. Comment moderation is turned off and will stay that way unless trolls or spammers attack in throngs. Everyone is welcome to share their opinion here. However, spam, bots, trolls, or comments that insult other commenters will be edited or deleted.

Can I ask you something?

Sure. Clicky clicky. Or, just leave a comment. If it’s a pet question, you can also comment on my PetLvr blog and I’ll reply.


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