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And now, your daily AWWW moment September 17, 2008

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My significant other holding our cat, Monster. Monster looks very embarrassed.

My significant other holding our cat, Monster. Monster looks very embarrassed.


Monster-Cat is getting a hug, whether she likes it or not. Sirofett (SO’s online name, and how I shall refer to him in this blog) is a cat person. I’m more of a dog person, but I like cats, too. Monster is the foster kitten who refused to leave. She got the name because when she arrived, all of four weeks old, she was a scrawny, sickly little thing that had possibly been exposed to a contagious, fatal virus, so she and her sister got big strong names to help them grow big and strong. It worked. Her sister, General Mao, lives with Sirofett’s little brother, and Monster… well, we just couldn’t give her up.


I love the little paw in the air… “Mom… no, put the camera down and help me escape the love!”


Back from the DNC, and I brought photos! September 15, 2008

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 Holy cow I’ve been swamped lately– I’ve been meaning to share my DNC photos with y’all since the event ended, but life has been crazy. Anyway, better late than never, right? I have the flu today, so got some downtime for blogging. On the down side, the cold medicine makes me loopy, so I’m going to keep typing to a minimum and just share some photos! I have many, many more, but I’ll spread them into a few different posts so it’s not a total image overload right away. I’m making a Flickr album, too. Today’s photos are all from Invesco (not the best ones I have, as the upload went wonky and these are what got uploaded before it crashed… more soon!)


Invesco Field at Mile High as the stands begin to fill up for Obamas speech.

Invesco Field at Mile High as the stands begin to fill up for Obama's speech.


This is a view of the podium. The seats that are ON the football field (which is covered over) are for delegates and select media personnel only.

The delegate seating area and podium.


Bill Richardson speaks at Invesco Field at Mile High.

Bill Richardson speaks at Invesco Field at Mile High.

A projection screen at Invesco Field shows Barack and Michelle Obama, with their daughters, at the end of the evening.

A projection screen at Invesco Field shows Barack and Michelle Obama, with their daughters, at the end of the evening.


That Concert Picture August 5, 2008

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Probably the only photo of me wearing makeup in existence.

Overdone concert makeup.

Overdone concert makeup.

Just so y’all have plenty of blackmail material on me if you ever need it…


Life Sucks, Here’s a Bug. July 14, 2008

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Death in my SO’s family yesterday. Life sucks right now, don’t really want to talk about it, at least not yet.


So here’s a bug.


Green Bug on Leaf

Green Bug on Leaf


ADAPT March Followup– pics, video, and a media rant. July 9, 2008

Adapt Gathering in Civic Center Park
Adapt Gathering in Civic Center Park


 I promised you pictures and video from ADAPT’s march commemorating the Gang of 19’s bus sit-ins in Denver, and there’s one– but before I share others, I need to rant. See how, if you look closely at the above picture, the silver building says “The Denver Post?” You know, the building right behind the park where the ADAPT group is gathering, with many windows overlooking the park? Now, notice the large group of wheelchair users, and you’ll see from other pictures that there were around 50 people listening to someone speak over a loudspeaker system in front of an enormous ADAPT banner.


Now, would you think that someone from the Denver Post might, perhaps, notice this scene unfolding, and come write a story? I know ADAPT sent a press release around (I got a press release myself, so I’d imagine the Post did). I know the park is visible from those windows. I know, as a writer, I would welcome a group of people wanting to make my job easier by holding a story-worthy event right outside my office window.


So why the hell was I the only member of the media present?!

I’ll be writing a letter to the Editor of the Denver Post to this effect. It’s really frustrating to see things like this happen, then open the newspaper and find, on any given day, at least one example of bad disability journalism full of “inspires” and “despites.”


Anyway, on to the positive stuff: Photos and video from ADAPT’s fabulous event. First, my favorite video from the day:


Visual Description: The video shows a procession marching along the sidewalk. Many participants are using wheelchairs. Others walk, with or without assistive devices, and some users of manual wheelchairs are being pushed by able-bodied people. At the end of the video, a little boy runs toward the camera to catch up with the march.


And some more pictures (plus a bigger version of the first one), with descriptions:

Click each thumbnail for a larger image and a description of the photo.


Again, I had a great time– and congrats to ADAPT on 30 years of Denver activism!


Red Winged Blackbird June 30, 2008

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Red Winged Blackbird by Lake


I thought I’d share this handsome fellow who sang to me on a recent evening as I walked my dog by the nearby lake. The picture is of a red winged blackbird perched on a piece of dried vegetation in front of a line of tall cat-tails and a lake, which is somewhat agitated by the breeze. He sat quite fearlessly as I snapped his photo, and continued to trill to potential mates as I walked on by.


New Coworker June 27, 2008

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New Blogger writes her first post

Seen above, my newest coworker contemplates the subject of her first blog post…


(Actually, Cheva brought her new pup, Izzy, to work)