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A Point is Made, Relating to My Good Neighbor, Jim August 12, 2008

This is the post where I make a point relating to my good neighbor, Jim, who has a disability. Do me a favor, particularly if you are a reader who is not familiar with the disability rights movement or the social model of disability: Recall my post about Jim, and think of a few words you would use to describe him. Okay, got a couple of adjectives?


Now, let me share two quotes from a forum. The person posting works in the prison system. Understand, she is not a bad person. She is a funny, snarky person who feels that she is doing a service to society through her work as a corrections officer, and she does, in fact, stand up for inmates’ rights if she sees them violated. Whether or not you agree with the US prisons system, she is an individual who believes in herself and her work, and she is a good person. These quotes do not reflect a complete person. They reflect a use of language by her, a person whom I like, that, in my opinion, was hurtful and shocking.


In the first, an excerpt from a transcribed conversation, the context is that an inmate has just endangered himself by doing something very reckless. “Me” is the person who posted this; “IM” is the inmate.


ME: Mr [Retard].
IM: Yeah.
ME: If you ever do that again, I will write you so many DR’s your children will do Seg time.


In the second quote, some inmates have been misbehaving by shooting spitballs.


The 2 cells I suspected were in the corner, so I watched them out of the corner of my eye. I asked the Porter (cellhouse janitor) if he’d noticed any retards throwing spitwads lately, and he said no, but he was tired of cleaning them up.


Would she– we’ll call her Sue– ever hurt my feelings, or the feelings of a person with a disability, intentionally? I don’t think so. I also don’t think she is aware that her words were hurtful. The forum I quoted these things from does not allow members to call other members out on their language.


The moderators require one to use a “report” button to report a post that is offensive. The moderators then make a decision amongst themselves about the complaint. I’ve reported similar posts for use of language in the past, and the decision has been that they will not take any stand against this word. In addition, I’m told that I’ll get an “infraction” for frivolously using the report button if I continue to report hurtful use of this word.


So, I can’t ask Sue if she would use that word to describe my neighbor. I can’t ask her if she would use that word within earshot of my friendly, gentlemanly neighbor, Jim. I can’t ask her if she understands that it’s a near-certainty that, at some point in his life, Jim has heard that word applied to him in a hurtful way.


That’s why I’m talking about it here, and why I asked you to think of a few words that describe Jim.


I think the point is made.


The Hunt for Red Octob– I Mean, Red Sunglasses June 18, 2008

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Me wearing a Renaissance costume of a green skirt, black bodice, and white blouse, sitting on my SO's lap. He is wearing red mirrored sunglasses.

Would you like to see something impossible?


Apparently, the sunglasses on my SO in the picture to the right (taken about 4 years ago at the Colorado Renaissance Festival) don’t exist, nor is it possible for them to be made. That’s a direct scan of a photograph, not altered or Photoshopped in any way. They existed, but according to the “experts,” they’re impossible.


It seems there’s something about the curvature of sunglass lenses and the layers of color used to make mirror coating in a high-voltage chamber that makes it impossible to do a plain red mirror coating. Thus, you see those glasses that are red but shimmer yellow or blue on the sides, but never a plain red mirror coating.


However, the glasses from the photo, purchased on a trip to Tofino, British Columbia, were red from all angles. They were fabulous. Gorgeous. And my SO loved them. I mean, he loved them. He wore them every day, he kept them polished perfectly. He treated those $16.00 sunglasses like a child.


Until, in Las Vegas, someone stole them out of his car. Apparently there are other folks who love red glasses and knew how rare they were. I didn’t though– I didn’t save the tags, so I don’t even know what brand they were.


I want to get him some new red mirrored sunglasses, and I’ve been to, literally, every sunglass chain in the Denver area, and most of the gas stations. I have gone through 50+ pages on, and I’ve begged for help on fashion forums.




I have tried to have them custom made. The labs that do mirror coating say it’s impossible, even when shown the photo.


I have even tried locating the surf shop in Tofino where I bought them and finding someone who worked there four years ago to ask if they remember what brand carried red mirrored lenses.


No luck.



If anyone knows where I can buy some “impossible” red mirrored sunglasses, or better yet, a mirror lens overlay maker that will put red mirror coating on some custom made lenses, I will be eternally grateful.


Blog Ahoy!

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Oh, Heavens to Betsy, have I started ANOTHER blog?


If you’ve stumbled upon this new venture of mine and have questions, please direct your mouse to the “About” tab in the upper right-hand corner. Unless your question is, “Where can I read more stuff Saydrah wrote?” If that’s the case, see the top three– and, at the time of this post, the only three, though I’ll add more soon– links in my blogroll to the right.

Otherwise, please enjoy the blog.