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And now, your daily AWWW moment September 17, 2008

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My significant other holding our cat, Monster. Monster looks very embarrassed.

My significant other holding our cat, Monster. Monster looks very embarrassed.


Monster-Cat is getting a hug, whether she likes it or not. Sirofett (SO’s online name, and how I shall refer to him in this blog) is a cat person. I’m more of a dog person, but I like cats, too. Monster is the foster kitten who refused to leave. She got the name because when she arrived, all of four weeks old, she was a scrawny, sickly little thing that had possibly been exposed to a contagious, fatal virus, so she and her sister got big strong names to help them grow big and strong. It worked. Her sister, General Mao, lives with Sirofett’s little brother, and Monster… well, we just couldn’t give her up.


I love the little paw in the air… “Mom… no, put the camera down and help me escape the love!”


That Concert Picture August 5, 2008

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Probably the only photo of me wearing makeup in existence.

Overdone concert makeup.

Overdone concert makeup.

Just so y’all have plenty of blackmail material on me if you ever need it…


DGR seeks SWD for LTR June 24, 2008

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Roof Missing Doghouse

Divorced Grey Roof seeking Single White Dog House for LTR. Please be open to immediate committment. I feel about two feet tall since my other half left, and I really want that sense of completion back. Must love dogs and, if out of town, be willing to relocate– I have roots here and can’t leave. Rust and stain free– you be same.


(actually, it’s probably a well, or something like that, with a cover to keep kids from tripping and falling in, but this roof I saw on a walk with my dog looks so much like a roof missing its doghouse that I had to post it.)